A New Christmas Pageant

Written by Rob Silvan and Rev. Mich Zeman

Using music and theater The Innkeeper presents the story of a troubled Innkeeper whose life is transformed when a young couple comes to the inn seeking shelter. Witness the power of love and faith as they change the innkeeper. Watch as a colorful cast of characters comes knocking on the door of the inn sharing in the miracle that was the birth of Jesus.

The Innkeeper is an interpretation of the Christmas story using music and theater and is intended for children and/or adults to perform. It is entertaining and lighthearted, yet it also conveys a deep and personal meaning of the birth story. Imagine the innkeeper, his/her child and the characters that come knocking at his door on the eve of Jesus’ birth. No one could know the transforming power that his birth would bring to the world.

We believe that the story can still transform people’s lives. The person of the innkeeper is at once sad and humorous, lost and find-able, hard and penetrable. The innkeeper’s child’s openness and simple love bring out the deeply buried hopefulness in the innkeeper’s heart.

All of the action happens around the large open doorway of the inn. Through a series of encounters with the prophet Isaiah, Mary and Joseph, a wild troupe of shepherds and angels, and finally the Magi, the innkeeper overcomes his entrenched resistance and has a dramatic breakthrough. He now experiences (and we as well) the compassion and celebration at the core of the Christmas story.

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